Thursday, July 19, 2018

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Recap, Episode 10 - "The End of the Line"

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David and Annie move from the firehouse into the storage facility...

DAVID - Hey, look! A tampon dispenser in the bathroom! Not gonna find that in the firehouse, that's for sure.  

ANNIE - You know, one time Guy Fieri came into the Suck Dick Bar. And I said to myself, you wait, Annie. You can get better.

DAVID - Aw. You knew I was coming for you. 

ANNIE - I should have gone with Guy Fieri. 

DAVID - **tries to open a window** Who needs a window, anyway? Windows are nothing more than a way to kill yourself. 

ANNIE - I need a window. 


DAVID - Why are you still here? 


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Robalee confronts Azan in Morocco...

ROBALEE - We both know Nicole is a fucking idiot. 

AZAN - Yes .

ROBALEE - And she believes that you get together with your friends, drink Truly, and prank call women about missing their kisses.

AZAN - She totally bought it.

ROBALEE - As for Mama Robalee, I didn't just fall off the turnip truck. 

AZAN - We use "couscous cart" in that idiom here.

ROBALEE - Whatever. You've got to tell her the truth.

AZAN - You're right. It wasn't Truly, it was White Claw.

ROBALEE - Shameful. 

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Anfisa and Jorge have lunch in Arizona...

ANFISA - A woman claiming to be your high school girlfriend called. She said you fathered her child.

JORGE - Impossible.

ANFISA -  That's what I said. No US citizen would willingly sleep with you.

JORGE - True, I didn't use protection when I ejaculated into her womb while she was ovulating. But there's no way I'm a parent. 

ANFISA - Breasts of your size and shape are a good indicator of parenthood, actually.

JORGE - **looks out the window** Fuck, the DEA is here. 

ANFISA - Why couldn't I find an "entrepreneur" who works in computers?

**Jorge goes to jail**

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Azan talks to Nicole at his mother's house...

AZAN - I have to tell you something.

NICOLE - Your Conair straightener is on the fritz?

AZAN - No. That voicemail of me calling another girl? That was my voice.

NICOLE - But you said it was a joke you played with your friends. It all made perfect sense!

AZAN - Oh, Nicole. There's a reason God gave you a not-completely-hideous face.

NICOLE - Because I'm fat?

AZAN - Ok, so two reasons.

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At the house of the Family Chatel, after the big fight...

MOTHER CHANTEL - Pedro y Nicole es muy mal por la familia. Muy mal.

CHANTEL - You can speak in English now. 

RIVER - Yeah. The only people who speak Spanish took an Ikea paper lamp to the FACE, son! 

MOTHER CHANTEL - Muy muy muy mal. 

FATHER CHANTEL - You hire a private investigator on someone, and they shit all over you.

WINTER - **on the floor, picking up food**Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

CHANTEL - Um.... I'll be right back. **runs back to Pedro at full speed**



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