Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Real Housewives of New York

I don't give a shit if people are late to their own parties. I don't even really give a shit if the guests are not-rich folk plucked from Times Square. It doesn't take much to make me happy at a gathering. But, dear party-thrower, you best be offering libations at no charge.

Recession Smucession. Your party, be it a wedding, baby shower, 3rd birthday, or whatevs, must have an open bar. If you "don't believe" in alcohol or are recovering from a drinking problem, I respect that. Don't have a party. Or have a party and make sure to note that there's no alcohol on the invitation so that the non-lame people can find something better to do that day. There's a reason why drinking heavily is known as "partying" - you need it to have one.

I rarely say things are tacky. I've never had painted toenails and I always drink beer out of the bottle. But, Kelly Bensimon, cash bar is tacky. Guests shouldn't have to pay for shit at a party you invite them to. That's just rude.

The other Housewives also think showing up late to your own party is rude, but I think they should've been grateful that they didn't have to deal with Leather's coked-out ass. When she finally did show up, in a really imaginative Playbody Bunny costume, the people who hate her guts had already left. Win-win.

Other than the party "drama", this episode kinda blew. Simon, Alex and LuAnne all spent quality time with their children, but if that's what I was looking for in a show, I'd watch the Kardashians. Damn. At least there's going to be another Bethenny/Leather show-down next week.

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