Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Challenge: Rivals II Recap, Episode 10 - "True Colors

Diem's got bedroom eyes.

At the house... 

JOHNNY BANANAS - Watch out for CT, Diem. He doesn't give a shit about you.

DIEM - But he held me up in the air during mock synchronized swimming.

JOHNNY BANANAS -  Yeah, well, you're not the Jennifer Grey to his Patrick Swayze. Sorry.

DIEM - Patrick Swayze's dead.

JOHNNY BANANAS  - Ok. Good luck to you. I tried.

At the beach...

TJ LAVIN - Ladies, today it's time to show your true colors.

DIEM - **points at each person** Fuck you, fuck you, you're cool, fuck you.

TJ LAVIN - That's just the name of the challenge, Diem. True colors.

DIEM - Oh. I, uh, was just kidding. You're all wonderful people.

TJ LAVIN  - Sure. Anyway, you and your partner will be chained together -

CARA MARIA - Hell yeah.

TJ LAVIN  -  I knew you'd like that part . You're going to be chained together while you memorize colors.

**Cara Maria and Cooke win. Diem and Aneesa lose** 

TJ LAVIN -  Diem, you're going into the arena. You failed at memorizing colors.

DIEM - TJ, I don't see color. **winks at Marlon, hoping he'll vote for Camila and Jemmye**

Diem confronts CT and Wes about voting Camila and Jemmye into the arena...

DIEM - Why haven't you asked me for my preference? I would have asked you for your preference. You should care about my preference. **starts to pick at meth scabs on her face**

CT - Frankly, you don't matter to me all that much.

DIEM - How can you say that? You slept on the floor next to my bed!

CT - Listen. I had full-on halfway sex with eight other girls on this show. You would barely let me take off your wig.

WES - And I have 30 companies and a monster truck. I don't have to justify my decisions to anybody.

Diem goes on a meth and red wine rampage around the back deck...

DIEM - People are celebrating right now who shouldn't be celebrating!!!!

COOKE - You wouldn't be referring to me, would you?

DIEM - Of course not. You're cute and funny.

COOKE  - Thanks.

DIEM - AND TOTALLY INCAPABLE OF INFERRING SARCASM AT THE APPROPRIATE TIME! **runs back into the house to terrorize more people**

COOKE -  Damn.

Paula and Emily approach Marlon and Jordan about their vote...

MARLON - I don't know if I can vote for you. You guys threw us into the arena seven times.

EMILY - Really? We did that?


PAULA WALNUTS - But who's counting, right? Let's let bygones be bygones.

JORDAN - Tell us why we shouldn't return the favor.

PAULA WALNUTS  - Listen. **to Marlon** Sometimes Gay. **to Jordan** Half-Hand.

MARLON  - Can you at least use our real names?

PAULA WALNUTS - Um...  Joe? Todd?

MARLON - It's Marlon and Jordan.

PAULA WALNUTS - Right. I knew that. **starts to cry** Please.

JEMMYE  - **comes in from the porch** Ah hale naw, all y'all be BEGGING? Fuck that noize!

MARLON - Yeah, nevermind. Jemmye just used "noise" with a "z".  She's going into the arena.

 In the kitchen...

DIEM - Phew, what a relief that I get to go against you in the arena instead of Emily and Paula. 

CAMILA - What the hell is that supposed to mean?

DIEM - Just that you're little and bad at things. Nothing to get upset over. Geez.

CAMILA - You think I can't kick your ass in the arena?

DIEM - Please don't shout at me. I'm wearing a dainty white dress.

CAMILA - Dude, go fuck yourself. It's obvious CT won't.

DIEM - I'm not going to stand for this. I am a LADY. **goes to the bathroom to access her meth stash**

To be continued...

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