Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Catfish: The TV Show Recap, Episode 2 - "Anthony & Marq"

"Who do you think you are, some kind of WAR HERO??"

Max and Nev skype with Anthony...

ANTHONY - I'm a veteran of the Iraq war.

MAX JOSEPH - Uh... Really?

ANTHONY - Yes, asshole. I didn't tell and nobody asked.

MAX JOSEPH- Wow, military gaydar is really shitty.

ANTHONY - ANYWAY, I got injured. Injured bad. **holds up purple heart**

NEV SCHULMAN - I thought only dead people got those.

ANTHONY - Well, I was dead. Inside.   

MAX JOSEPH - Can you stick to the part about making a fool of yourself on the internet, please?

ANTHONY - Yeah, sorry.

After skyping, they meet in person...

ANTHONY  - **shows Max and Neve computer screen** Here he is. The love of my life.

NEV SCHULMAN- Dude, you've been chatting with Chris Brown?!

ANTHONY - That's not Chris Brown. That's Marq, with a Q.

MAX JOSEPH - With a Q. Sure.

ANTHONY -  I flew out to meet him in Mississippi, but he never showed. He was carjacked and then run over with the carjacked car.

NEV SCHULMAN - And you believe it?

ANTHONY  - **shows Max and Neve computer screen** Of course.

 MARQ:  Bae, y would I lie 2 u? 
MAX JOSEPH - Then it must be true. 

ANTHONY - Plus, there's photographic evidence **shows pic of bandaged hand**

NEV SCHULMAN - That person's hand is white!

ANTHONY - Huh. So it is. So it is.

Anthony, Nev and Max fly out to Jackson, MS to meet Marq, who is really Framel...

FRAMEL - Hi, I'm Framel. I am fat, gap-toothed, and flat-topped.

NEV SCHULMAN - The flat top's working for you, though.

FRAMEL - Thank you. I appreciate that.

ANTHONY -  I can't even LOOK at you! You were supposed to be hot!

FRAMEL - How do you know I'm not hot if you won't even look at me?

ANTHONY  - **looks up** Suspicion confirmed.


Nev and Max, wearing cowboy hats, sit down with Framel to get his side...

NEV SCHULMAN - So why did you to this?

FRAMEL - Well, when I was two, I became a fat person because I got injured. Injured bad.

NEV SCHULMAN - **turns to Anthony** Are you sure you two aren't meant to be?

 ANTHONY -  Positive.  **They never speak again**



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