Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Gallery Girls Finale - "Wrap Your Trouble In Dreams"

"This is a picture of a pretty city."

At EOC...

CLAUDIA MARTINEZ REARDON - It looks like we're going to have to close End of Century.

CHANTAL CHADWICK - Perfect, because I am moving to Paris.

CLAUDIA MARTINEZ REARDON - The place where you got a lung infection?

CHANTAL CHADWICK - Yes. Infections suit me.

CLAUDIA MARTINEZ REARDON - So you thought starting a business for a month and then skipping town was a good plan?

CHANTAL CHADWICK - Sure. It's not like I invested my own money.

**Claudia sobs**


Claudia meets Angela for dinner...

ANGELA PHAM - I have an announcement to make.

CLAUDIA MARTINEZ REARDON - Is it an announcement if you're only telling one person?

ANGELA PHAM - Don't forget the camera men surrounding us. I certainly haven't. **winks at camera** I purchased a really expensive purse. Like an adult. Who purchases really expensive purses.

CLAUDIA MARTINEZ REARDON - Congrats. I went into business with a habitual liar and am broke and alone and might kill myself.

ANGELA PHAM - Oh, and check this out - built in close-up mirror!

 Angela meets up with Chantal... 

ANGELA PHAM - I have an announcement to make. 

CHANTAL CHADWICK - Before you do, can I just say... great purse!

ANGELA PHAM - See? You get me. Oh, bee tee dubs, Claudia called you a habitual liar.

CHANTAL CHADWICK - She's just butt hurt because I'm moving to Paris and leaving her in financial ruin.


Maggie shows up for her first day at Bernaducci...

MAGGIE SCHAFFER - So, what would you like me to do first? Count pebbles or separate plastic bags?

MR. BERNADUCCI OWNER -  Well, gee, if you would have shown initiative like that in your interview, maybe we would have given you the job.


AMY POLIAKOFF - **tap dances into frame, singing** "Whoooooo wants a MACCHIATO???"

MR. BERNADUCCI OWNER - Amy really has that special something we were looking for. She also got her hair specially feathered.

MAGGIE SCHAFFER - Wait... I didn't get the job? But I already quit Eli Klein!

MR. BERNADUCCI OWNER - I hear Duane Reade is hiring.


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