Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Bachelorette, Emily Maynard - Episode 8 Hometown Dates

Emily meets Sean's gay dad.

Emily meets Arie's family in Arizona...

MRS. LUYENDYK, ARIE'S MOM -  Dutch talk Dutch talk Dutch talk.

EMILY MAYNARD - **to Arie** What did she say?

ARIE LUYENDYK JR - She asked how things are going.

EMILY MAYNARD - Oh. That's nice of her.

ARIE LUYENDYK JR - And that you look like a little baby whore.

EMILY MAYNARD  - Excuse me?

ARIE LUYENDYK JR - No! No, you misunderstand. In the Netherlands, that's a huge compliment.

MRS. LUYENDYK, ARIE'S MOM  - Dutch talk Dutch talk. Dutch talk!

ARIE LUYENDYK JR  - Um... nevermind. Apparently it's not a compliment.

Emily meets Sean's family in Dallas....

JAY LOWE, SEAN'S DAD - Golly gee, Em, we hope you come visit us a whole bunch.

EMILY MAYNARD - You seem like very welcoming people! Especially considering you'd accept a grandchild named Kensington.

JAY LOWE - Yes, although there are some things that are sadly not accepted in my world **brings out photo album** Here I am at Mr. International Leather, 2005.

EMILY MAYNARD - Um, wow. Nice chaps.

JAY LOWE - Thank you. And here's a picture of me massaging the pectoral muscles of my dear "friend", Daniel.

SEAN LOWE - **walks in** Aw, Dad! Are you showing the gay photo album again?!?

JAY LOWE - Some people find it interesting, you dick! Why don't you go to your room and whack off to those creepy stuffed animals?

SEAN LOWE - Oh, I bet you'd like that! Perv!

EMILY MAYNARD  - I'm.... gonna go.... **sneaks out** 

Emily meets Jef's family in St. George, Utah...

JEF HOLM - Just curious, Emily. How do you feel about Kody Brown's lifestyle?

EMILY MAYNARD - Neutral, I guess.

JEF HOLM - Neutral? That's good! Good. Neutral. I'd like you to meet my brother Jeff.

JEF'S BROTHER - With two Efs, though.  

JEF HOLM  -  His wife Mary....


JEF HOLM   - And his other wife Carrie...


JEF HOLM  -  And his other wife Sherry...

EMILY MAYNARD  - St. George, Utah. I should have known. 

JEF HOLM  - Yes. You should have.

Emily meets Chris's family in Bartlett, Illinois...

CHRIS BUKOWSKI - Emily, meet my family full of Polish people.

EMILY MAYNARD - Polish? Sweet! I know quite a bit about Polish people!


EMILY MAYNARD - Sure. Like they invented the screen-door submarine.  

CHRIS BUKOWSKI - Hey Don Rickles. Shut the fuck up.



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