Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes Episode 8 - "On the Wings of Love"

This is the most power CT and Diem will ever have in their sad lives.

In The Dome...

TJ LAVIN - In light of recent racist events, your Dome challenge for today involves Ty baling hay while the white people sit and watch.

EMILY -  So how do we win?

TJ LAVIN -  Gotcha! You really are racist if you didn't even question that plan. I was kidding. What we're actually going to have you do is run around this hanging scarecrow effigy of Ty holding a ball.

**Paula and Dunbar lose**

PAULA - **to Ty** So, um, I'm probably not going to have a boyfriend by the time the show airs, so if you've ever wanted to move to Los Angeles, and, like, get married...

TY - Not a chance.

PAULA  - Ok. Totally cool. That's what I figured.

The next day, in a field...

TJ LAVIN  - In light of recent devastating tornadoes, your challenge for today is to move lawn furniture on a very windy day.

ROBIN**starts crying** When you think about all those people... And all that wind...

MARK LONG - You gonna be ok?

ROBIN -  I think so. **sniff**

**Camila and Johnny go first, Camila gets lost in high pussy willows**

TJ LAVIN - Should we search for her?

JOHNNY BANANAS - Nah. She'll turn up.

TJ LAVIN - Well, Johnny, that was an admirable forty minutes. I've gotten an oil change in less time than that.

**Ty and Emily, and CT and Diem perform in under 10 minutes**

MARK LONG - **to Robin** You ready?

ROBIN**starts crying** This is for my son. **they finish after an hour and a half**

MARK LONG  - If that's how hard you work for your son, I'm frightened for your son.

TJ LAVIN - Again, CT and Diem are Power Couple. Let's see what horrible decision they make this time.

DIEM - Who even asked you?

TJ LAVIN  - Hush.

CT and Diem sit in large chairs as they decide who will go into The Dome...

CT - "King of the castle, King of the castle."

MARK LONG - Borat was five years ago, dude.

CT - You can't talk to me like that! DOME!

DIEM -  God, it feels so good to have this level of power in a cruel, cruel world.

TY -  Power? Making a minor decision on an MTV reality show is power to you?

DIEM  - Excuse me? DOME!

TJ LAVIN - So now you sent two teams to go against Johnny and Camila?

CT  - Shit.

TJ LAVIN - You gotta choose, guys.


TJ LAVIN  - You can't just send everyone who crosses your path into the dome. This is getting kind of sad.

CT - We don't have real jobs, ok? Give us a break, here.


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