Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Flipping Out Episode 5 - "Dropping the Axe"

STACEY FARISH - I'm ZANY! **Yanks extension out of her hair** Look! It's fake!

JEFF LEWIS - I had no idea.

STACEY FARISH - Where's Sarah? I need my giggly girl talk time to appear "hip" and "with it".

JEFF LEWIS -  She was fired yesterday.

STACEY FARISH - Good. Her butt's too big.

JEFF LEWIS - But look who I brought instead? Jenni Pulos!

STACEY FARISH -  The lesbian?

JENNI PULOS - I'm straight.

STACEY FARISH  - How can you be straight and look so fugs?

JEFF LEWIS - Whoa, whoa, are you saying gay people have to be unattractive?


JEFF LEWIS - So, uh, Stacey, what do you think about an area rug with puce?

STACEY FARISH - Whatever. Hey, knock knock!

JEFF LEWIS  - Who's... there?

STACEY FARISH -  Blow job.

JEFF LEWIS - Blow job who?

STACEY FARISH - Blow job I have to give my husband to pay for the puce area rug. Hahahahahaha!


STACEY FARISH - You two have no sense of humor. Miss Souvlaki 1992 over here still thinks recording the Watch What Happens Live theme song is some kind of accomplishment.

JEFF LEWIS - Stacey, how about a padded toilet seat! **walks toward bathroom**

STACEY FARISH - **whispers to Jenni** Listen here, fucker, I'm the funny one on this show now. ME.

JEFF LEWIS - Changed my mind about the padded toilet seat.

STACEY FARISH - Hey, camera man! Over here. I'm going to give Jenni some "life advice." Ahem. Jenni, fix your scarf and lighten your hair maybe you'll get married someday. But probably not. **yanks out Jenni's hair extension**  I'm ZANY!

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  1. what a PIG that woman is - but really, there ARE no words to describe her!!!


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