Thursday, May 19, 2011

Reality News

Renee Graziano has a fan? And it's 50 Cent? What's next, flying pigs or another idiom of improbability?
50 Cent Wants Floyd Mayweather to Teach Mob Wife

Work it, girl. Get back in that H-list limelight.
Danielle Staub: I have addictions and need professional help

Depends on who has cooler nannies...
Kelsey Grammer Battles Ex-Wife Camille for Sole Custody? 

"You're my sister-in-law! You're my sister-in-law!"
Teresa Giudice Had 'No Idea' Her Sister-in-Law Was Joining 'Housewives' Cast

Any relation to Dan Cortese? No? Jump away, then.
'Jersey Shore' cast member Deena Cortese nearly falls off a bridge

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