Friday, May 27, 2011

Real Housewives of New York City Episode 8 - "Misfortune Teller"

Be still, my beating wine-soaked heart.

On a taxi ride in Marrakesh...

RAMONA SINGER - Where's Aladdin?

SONJA MORGAN - This certainly doesn't look the Desert Passage Shoppes at Planet Hollywood.

RAMONA SINGER -  Ew, look. A poor person.

SONJA MORGAN - Aka, "street rat!"

RAMONA SINGER - Haha! Good one.

ALEX MCCORD - You two don't travel much, do you?

RAMONA SINGER - Sure we do. Miami Beach, La Jolla...

SONJA MORGAN  - Key Biscayne, Newport Beach...

RAMONA SINGER - Palm Beach, Laguna...

ALEX MCCORD -  Ok, all those places you listed are either in the South Florida metro area or the Southern California metro area.

SONJA MORGAN - We happen to like Gloria Estefan and fish tacos. So?

RAMONA SINGER  - Yeah, and lots of people in those regions speak Spanish.

SONJA MORGAN -  BOOYAH! **they high five**

RAMONA SINGER  - Check it! A shantytown!

SONJA MORGAN - Slumdog Millionaire called, it wants it's set back!

RAMONA SINGER - Buuuuuuuuurn! 

ALEX MCCORD - That's not even the same country, you fucking idiots.

SONJA MORGAN - Moroccan person, other brown person, potato potahto. 

TAXI DRIVER - **whispers to Alex** Miss, would you like to get out here?

ALEX MCCORD -  Is this the hotel?

TAXI DRIVER  - We're still a mile away. But I'm going to take these two assholes out to the dessert and leave them there to die. Get out while the gettin's good.

ALEX MCCORD -  Later, dudes. **jumps out of the moving vehicle**

RAMONA SINGER - Where she going?

TAXI DRIVER -  She had to, uh, run a few errands. Now who wants to see where they filmed the magic carpet ride scene in Aladdin?


TAXI DRIVER  - Heeeere weeee goooooo! **cuts the wheel into the dust**

The End. 

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