Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Real Housewives of New Jersey Episode 1 - " In the Name of the Father "

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At the Christening...

JOEY GORGA - You know what the real problem is here? Joey G.


JOEY GORGA - No, the other Joey G.

GUY AT THE TABLE WHO LENT THE GIUDICES MONEY -  Joey Greco? That guy starts a lotta shit. Why can't we have a mistress? Let's go after the real criminals here, the mulignan, ok?

JOEY GORGA - No, idiots. My brother-in-law, Juicy Joe Giudice.

MELISSA GORGA -  I'll tell you one thing. That nickname is spot on. He's juicy, delicious, succulent, luxurious and savory.

JOEY GORGA - You can stop now.

TERESA GIUDICE - **approaches the table** Congratulations!

JOEY GORGA - What the fuck you just say to me?

TERESA GIUDICE - Congratulations?

JOEY GORGA - Yeah. Say that shit again. To my face.

TERESA GIUDICE  - Uhhh... Congratulations?

JOEY GORGA -**pounds on the table** You fucking piece of garbage!

JUICY JOE GIUDICE - Hey, man, lay off my wife. We've both had some serious indigestion today.

JOEY GORGA - Doesn't matter, even if you a Crohn's outbreak in white pants, FAMILY FIRST!!!! **Joey G punches the other Joey G, all hell breaks lose.**

TERESA GIUDICE  - Don't just stand there, Audriana! Fight for your family!

PAPA GORGA - I did not leave Sala Consilina for this shit. **peaces**

RANDOM DUDE WITH FACE EDITED OUT - **stands on a table** Stop fighting! This is a christening, motherfuckers! **hurls himself into crowd.**

MELISSA GORGA - That guy who just stood on a table while cussing at the top of his lungs about us acting right at a christening is right! This is about Jesus!

JOEY GORGA - You're right. What was I thinking? **pounds a shot** Somebody's gotta clean this mess up.

GINO GORGA - I'll do it, daddy.

JOEY GORGA - Haha, that's women's work, Gino. Get at it, Melissa.

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