Sunday, April 3, 2011

Reality News

Joe Giudice, looking extra "juicy and delicious" in his mug shot. 

Emily Maynard has to invest in some skinny jeans and PBR if she's ever going to make it in Austin. An ironic mullet would really seal the deal.
'Bachelor' update: Emily Maynard is moving to Texas for Brad Womack

Lil' Jon would make a great running mate. He's got the public speaking enthusiasm to rival Howard Dean, and it's time someone in federal government had dreads. 
Trump for President in 2012? Maybe. Trump for Trump? Without Question.

Snooki makes more money than Toni Morrison, Britney Spears makes more money than Placido Domingo, Wee Man makes more money than smart short people. That's the way of the world.
Sideshow: Snooki delivers $32,000 pearls of wisdom

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