Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Real World Las Vegas Episode 3 - "Stands By Me"

Two cast members "play pool", as the kids are calling it nowadays.

LEROY - It's so frustrating. Why won't Adam let us in?

NANY - We just want to be let in. Is that too much to ask?

MIKE MIKE - I've opened myself up, about how I had to move in with my friend's parents at the tender age of 18. I was just a baby.

LEROY - And I've told you all how my birth mom would drink Four Loko until she was dancing to techno in our living room.

HEATHER - How awful. My childhood was rough, too, being of Dutch descent in New Jersey.

NANY  - I never knew that about you.

HEATHER - It was rough. You have no idea. **breaks down in tears**.

ADAM - **enters drunk off his juvy ass** What the fuck is going on here? I spend four hour at Vanity by myself, and now you all are opening up?

LEROY - We've lived here for two days, Adam. It's time.

ADAM - Fine! You want to know how fucked up I am? I spent three months in Maine juvy! MAINE! It was hell! Now leave me alone! **Storms off.** 

DUSTIN - **enters without a shirt, as always** What's his deal?

NANY - He let us in.

DUSTIN -  Funny, Heather let me in last night. ZING!

AGING BIKER DUDE - Hey, team. I'm Aging Biker Dude, here to oversee your fundraising efforts for a very important cause.

NAOMI - The Japanese tsunami?

AGING BIKER DUDE - No. More important-er.

MIKE MIKE - The homeless?

AGING BIKER DUDE -  No. Those are bullshit charities. We're raising money for famous injured extreme athletes, like Cary Hart.

NAOMI - Aren't they all injured at one time or another?

AGING BIKER DUDE - Shut up, you insensitive crop-top wearer. Now where's Adam? I want to scold him for drinking in Las Vegas. 

DUSTIN - He's in his room, pinching his cheeks until they turn red. 

AGING BIKER DUDE - Rad. We're going to change the world with this charity, guys. The world.

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