Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Real World Las Vegas Episode 1 - "Welcome to Las Vegas"

After fancy limo rides from McCarran Airport, the cast is taken to their new digs at... Circus Circus.


LEROY - Circus Circus? I didn't leave Michigan to live in this shit hole.

MICHAEL - What's wrong with Circus Circus? There are rides here! Wheeeeeee!

HEATHER - I'm not sure I can be fully "impulstrative" here. There are children around.

DUSTIN - This will make an interesting sequel to "Frat Pad." We'll call it "Shitty Double Room in an Aging Budget Casino Hotel Pad."

HEATHER  - You were in a frat? Cool!

DUSTIN - Uh, yeah. A fraternity... Sig Sig Kap. Bro.

ADAM - I actually feel pretty at home here. The patrons at Circus Circus remind me of the thugs chillin' on the mean streets of Falmouth, Maine.

NANY - I like your gold chain.

ADAM - Take a number, ho.

NANY - Excuse me?

ADAM - I meant... I would totally marry you, if I wasn't so shy around attractive girls. **shrugs, bats eyelashes**

NANY  - Awww... That's so sweet!

NAOMI - I can already tell I'm going to be the Jacquese of this season. I've gotten, like, two minutes of camera time.

MICHAEL - Don't be sad, first not-white person I've ever seen. I'll read you some Scripture to make you feel better.

NAOMI  - Please. Don't.

LEROY -  Man, Circus Circus does have a surprising array of amenities. Can you imagine the freaky stuff you could do with a female in a ball pit?

MICHAEL - Like Jesus said, never judge a book by its cover.

LEROY  - He said that?

MICHAEL - Yep. He was a big reader.

ADAM - Speaking of females, there are hundred of little ones running around the arcade.

HEATHER - Ew! That's even grosser than this ice skater-inspired pink mini-dress I'm wearing!

ADAM - Sorry. You can take the boy out of juvie...

NANY - But you can't take juvie out of the boy?

ADAM - Huh? No. You can just take them out. I got a plea deal.

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