Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Challenge: Cutthroat - Episode 5 - "Crouching Tyger, Hidden Danimal"

This week, on Degrassi - Ty Takes Things Too Far.

The Ty Takes Things Too Far Series:

In the bunk house...

EMILY - Have you ever had a Wet Willie? It's when someone puts their finger in their mouth and then sticks it in your ear. **gives Ty a Wet Willie**  Hehe. Squishy.

TY - Have you ever had a Soiled Sammie? It's when someone shoves a potted palm up your ass and watches all the dirt leak out. **gives Emily a Soiled Sammie** How do you like that, trick?


JOHNNY BANANAS - Whoa, dude. I think she's gotta go to Prague General.

In the foyer...

BRANDON - If you can a toss this Susan B. Anthony coin and land it in that washbasin filled with sauerkraut, I'll totally Ess your Dee.

TY - Make it a Sacagawea dollar, and we're on.

BRANDON - Where am I gonna get that? We're in the Czech Republic.

TY - Ugh, fine. **throws the coin, sinks it into sauerkraut** BOOM! Get your Burt's Bees out, cuz those lips are about to get CHAPPED!

BRANDON - Hahaha, you're crazy.

TY - I mean it. Put some balm on and get to business.

BRANDON - I thought we were just kidding around.

TY - **whips out his junk** Does it LOOK like I'm just kidding around? **slaps Brandon upside the head** DO IT!

BRANDON - Oh my god. Really? Do I have to do this?

TY - Hahaha, idiot. I'm just joking. But you actually considered it? You're totes gay, dude.

In the forest...

TJ LAVIN - Ok, in this challenge, y'all are gonna sail on this rotting wooden plank suspended 50 feet above the cold, hard ground, and then jump head first onto said cold, hard ground.

LUKE - Extreme!

TJ LAVIN - Right. What Luke said. Ready, set, SAIL!

CHET - Wheeeeeeeeeee! **sails on rotting wooden plank, jumps head first onto cold, hard ground**

MELINDA - Oh shit. He's looking paler than usual. So.... really pale.

PAULA - I think he needs to join Emily at Prague General.

TY - Let's play "Toss the Zombie." Old fraternity game. **tosses Chet's unconscious body in the air, catches him**

JOHNNY BANANAS - Whoa, dude. I don't think that's safe. Chet looks dead.

TY - Looks dead? **tosses Chet in the air again, but doesn't catch him** There. Fixed that for you.

JOHNNY BANANAS - I repeat: Whoa, dude.

In jail...

INMATE #2397434 - So what are you in for?

TY - Taking things too far on the MTV Challenge: Cutthroat.

INMATE #2397434 - Whoa, dude. You are hard. Want to give each other hand jobs?

TY - Sure.

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  1. Ty is an absolute sociopath and has no heart. He's all talk full bitch!


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