Monday, October 4, 2010

Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode 1 - "New Attitude"

Real important attorney Phaedra Parks has represented some of the most powerful people in Atlanta, including Whitney Houston's ex-husband, Bobby Something-Or-Other.

At the B Chic shoe event...

PHAEDRA PARKS - Shoe shopping with broke-ass bitches is great, but you know what I'd rather be doing, gay friend?

DWIGHT EUBANKS - What's that, lawyer friend?

PHAEDRA - Pop-lockin' with President Bill Clinton.

DWIGHT - Mmmm Hmmm.

PHAEDRA - Or lickin' on Ludacris.

DWIGHT - Tell it, girl.

PHAEDRA - Or bumpin' with Bobby Brown.

DWIGHT - I know that's right.

PHAEDRA - Or FUPA-ing with Fergie.

DWIGHT - I don't know what FUPA-ing is. But it sounds good.

PHAEDRA - Or touchin' on Too Shor-

NENE LEAKES - (interrupting) Excuse me, but I couldn't help overhearing. Are you just listing people that you've taken pictures with, and then using a verb that starts with the same letter as their name?


NENE - That's what I thought. Carry on then.

PHAEDRA - Or jimpin' on Jazze Phae.

DWIGHT - Oh, yes.

Phaedra continues to spit alliterative verses about celebrities she's represented for several hours, while Dwight utters words of encouragment, even after everyone has gone home and the lights are turned off. Phaedra then goes into a labor while talking about jukin' with Jermaine Dupri. She names the baby Dwight 2.0.

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