Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Real Housewives of New Jersey Episode 8 - "Bubbies Gone Bad"

Golden boy Albie Manzo paves the way for clinically dumb former law students everywhere.

ALBIE: Ma, I got a 0.0000 GPA this semester. Seton Hall has politely asked me not to return.

CAROLINE: Why would they do that? Are they crazy?

ALBIE: Well, my grades bring down their average, and that hurts their ranking.

CAROLINE: Selfish motherfuckin' law school. Only caring about the law. Ri goddamn diculous.

Its ok. Maybe I'll help Christopher open his chicks with dicks car wash.

CAROLINE: No son of mine is gonna work at a chicks with dicks car wash!

ALBIE: But you let Christopher do it.

CAROLINE: He doesn't count. Did you tell Seton Hall about your disability? And how you've been clinically diagnosed as dumb?

Of course. They said maybe a clinically dumb dude might not make the best lawyer.

CAROLINE: Those bastards! Those prejudiced bastards!

ALBIE: The dean said I remind him of Forrest Gump, but without the charm and sincerity.

You stand up for yourself and every low IQ guy out there, and show the world that idiots can practice law, too!

I really just want to take a nap...

BIG ALBERT: What's going on in here? The yelling is so loud I had to take a break from my stability ball.

CAROLINE: Albie's stupidness disability got him kicked out of Seton Hall.

What should we do, dad?

BIG ALBERT: What should we do? What we always do to help you kids accomplish stuff. Threaten the lives of whoever is in charge.

CAROLINE: I'll get the Uzi.


  1. I hope Caroline doesn't read this and order a hit on you, RJ. At least you'd be more famous than you already are.

  2. Strangely, the thought did cross my mind as I was writing this. Bitch is scary.


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