Sunday, December 7, 2008

Rock of Love Charm School - Battle of the Brands

I don't know much about Christian Audigier, except that he's the designer of Ed Hardy and that the lighting scheme in his Vegas club needs to be toned down a bit. Oh, and I also know that Ed Hardy isn't cool anymore, according to my sister who works at an outdoor clothing chain in Chicago. She knows.

So Big French Chris is launching a new brand of shirts that look exactly like Ed Hardy, except they're more "street." I guess that means the fake tattoo drawings are of glocks and boots with the fur rather than angels and guitars. In other words, it's going to be very popular among upper-middle class suburban high school students.

Heather seems to think that her likeness fits the "street" profile, because she designs a shirt for the line that includes a fatty picture of her face. And that's about it. In Columbus, Ohio, a college-educated former stripper is about as ghetto as it gets, so Heather went with what she knows.

Or... she's funky-butt in love with herself. Last week, Lacey accused Heather of considering herself an A-list celebrity, to which Heather replied, "I am an A-list celebrity, BITCH!" This week, Heather claimed that her shirt design was for all of her "fans" and other people who want to keep abreast of her changing moods with a monthly "Expressions of Heather" t-shirt. So, either I'm out of the loop, and there really are people who idolize a raspy-voiced Rock of Love reject, or this chickie's got an inflated sense of self-importance.

I can't blame the girls for hating on Heather this week. You can't have a real or not-real fan club AND expect to win $100,000. That's just greedy. Sharon picked up on this vibe, and sent her back to the pole.

Sayonara, Heather. See you at those A-list celebrity parties, among the likes of Shar Jackson and that dude who won Season 1 of Tila Tequila.

What do you think? Is VH1 keeping Lacey around for ratings? Or did Heather blow it by creating a t-shirt of her face?

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