Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bad Girls Club - Episode 2

This show made me never want to drink again. When that Kiwi chick brought a pierced dude home from a speed-dating session, she cried for what looked like an entire hour. Her complaint was that he didn’t understand that she only talks to guys on the internet, and meeting someone in person was a giant step for her.

It reminds me of my junior year in college, when I drunkenly went off on a grad student who asked me why I don’t wear toenail polish. The episode was beer-tear free, but no stranger needs to hear a rant that lasts longer than five minutes. Ugh. Bad memories.

And the pierced dude didn’t even ask her any douchey questions. He seemed friendly and fun.

However, any sympathy I’d normally feel for a bystander of an alcohol-induced tantrum disappears when I remember that he followed someone who is followed by cameras back to her home. Which is full of cameras.

Were the guys at the speed-dating event really the best that LA has to offer? Yikes.

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