Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Hills - It's About Trust

More detailed post to come later, but I want to express my confusion with the selected subject matter of this week's episode. Sometimes, on shows like The Bachelor, they'll spend a lot of time covering someone's grandma, because she's usually an interesting character. Either she's crass and swears a lot, or she's really sweet and cuddly. They don't just spend precious screen time on any old lady.

So what the hell was up with Nana? As far as grandmas go, this chick stunk. She wasn't funny, she wasn't particularly nice. She wasn't even uber critical and racist, like somebody's g-ma that I've heard about from a contributor of this site but never met because I'm a dirty, dirty Jew. The fact that the producers would focus on Nana Pratt shows how much this show is hurting for material.

And lemonade with cookies? What happened to milk?

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