Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Pick-Up Artist 2 - Finale

Fuck Mystery, dog. Fuck him. Matt talked to two Korean girls about how he likes to go to Koreatown in Los Angeles. The girls were excited that he was somewhat familiar with their culture, and Mystery mocked them. Excuse them for caring about something other than being sexually attractive to men at every second of the day. Because to Mystery, girls aren't real people. They are only real people to him when he knows that treating them as such is going to get them in bed. He's a pig in a half-ponytail.

He ordered Simeon and Matt to "seduce" a Perfect 10 (ooooh, I just love when women are reduced to numbers based on their appearance). Both men succeeded, but Simeon won the coolest crazy-cool medallion of all.

So I was somewhat wrong when I said the best looking guy would become The Pick-Up Artist. But Simeon is no schlub, even if that straw cowboy hat isn't doing him any favors. I want to see a Perfect 2 (how does it feel? Mwah ha ha ha.) become a part of Mystery's entourage. How would he fare under Mystery's tutelage?

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1 comment:

  1. Mystery is living proof that even Perfect 2s can make it with his techniques. Fuckin' cockfuck.


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