Sunday, November 30, 2008

Rock of Love Charm School - Poetic Justice

Two Rock of Love-ettes were expelled from Charm School this evening. Sharon didn't think Kristy Jo and Jessica were white trash enough to earn $100,000. Under normal circumstances, that's a compliment, but these two were just begging for someone to recognize the Cheeto-eating pre-fabricated home resident that lies beneath the surface.

Jessica is actually the most non-trashy person to ever appear on a VH1 reality show, but I think she would have been willing to take up crystal meth if it could have won her that cash. Kristy Jo, on the other hand, probably hosted a salisbury steak dinner at the local Shoney's upon arriving home to celebrate her first plane ride. I really think she could have gone all the way.

Was Lacey being genuine with her acts of repentance, such as serving all the girls mint chocolate chip ice cream and dedicating an apology song to Heather? Eh... not so sure. I remember when Lacey and Heather were BFF on Rock of Love Season 1, but Heather overheard Lacey telling Brett that Mr. and Mrs. Heather were ashamed of their daughter's stripping. Did you see Heather's parents? If there was an elementary school in Ohio with a strong future stripper curriculum, these are the type of people that would pleasure the principal under the desk to get their child enrolled. Poor call on Lacey's part.

I predict that Lacey will make it to the last episode, for entertainment value, but Brandi M. will take the prize. Does this mean she'll have to get her lower back tattoo removed?

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