Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rock of Love Charm School - T and A PSA

If the public service announcement created by Brandi Squared was so inappropriate and offensive, why were they able to show it on basic cable? I thought it was a riot, especially when Brandi M. threw caution and the condom to the wind and went to town on the male blow-up doll's wee.

I knew they'd choose Lacey to stay over Dallas. Lacey got physical with Dallas and threw a drink in her face, and Sharon Osbourne clearly despises her. By all reality TV show standards, as much as one can call them standards, this chick should be gone. But she's good television, and the producers likely told the judges that she's got to stay until the end.

I still f'ing hate her guts. She called Dallas an "antagonizer". Nothing pisses me off more than people who consider themselves intellectuals yet have to resort to made-up words. It's antagonist, dingbat.

I'm actually praying that none of the girls graduate charm school. "Classy" people are boring as hell. That's why Britney & Kevin: Chaotic only aired for five episodes.

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