Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Pick Up Artist 2 - Winging It

Mystery, nobody likes being right 100 percent of the time. You're making this too easy for me. No fun.

I hate to use the term "neg" without irony, but Rian had one of the best negs I've ever seen in the entire 1.5-season history of The Pick Up Artist. A girl at the club was listing all the countries she's visited, and Rian turned to her friends and said "does she always brag like this?" My living room erupted into a chorus of "HOOOOOOOOO!"s after that one, if two people count as a chorus.

Anyway, Rian is a pro at this game. And he failed to get a crazy-cool medallion from Mystery. And it's because he is not cute. And it sucks.

You'd think that dropping lines about your theater troupe back home would repel women like a picture of Jeff Conway naked in his wheelchair. But the women at the grocery store ate it up! So he didn't manage to score a sleazy make-out sesh at the club. So what? I guess an ounce of class scores you no points with a middle age man wearing a feather boa and goggles. Yeah, I know I said class is boring in my charm school post, but I'm talking about an ounce here, people. Twelve of them equal a pound. Or whatever. Go read a math blog if you're into that sort of thing. Nerd.

I'm betting on Matt to win it all. His investment banker look had me giggling like a schoolgirl. I can imagine him having a similar effect on Mystery.


  1. This show is too predictable. Matt should have been kicked out the past couple of times where he has won the challenges along with the prizes. C'mon, how does he not pick up with a feather boa or a wingwoman? Rian has a lot more potential and now his game is over. He could be my wingman anytime.

  2. Why must Mystery wear that g-damn fuzzy hat?


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