Friday, November 14, 2008

The Pick Up Artist 2 - Bikini Models

Brian, the skinny fro'd Asian boy, was eliminated this week. I think this further supports my theory that the winner of this show has to be somewhat handsome. And going through puberty doesn't hurt, either.

Watching Brian chase hot bikini-clad babes around the bar with his lines about pickle juice reminds me of my parents' puppy, who follows me from room to room, toy in mouth, begging me to play with him. The "hot babe" part is the only difference in this scenario. I usually am wearing a bikini.

It's time to take this show beyond the bar. Contrary to what Mystery might think, chicks don't really go to bars to meet men. They go to get F'ed up. Or maybe that's just me and my friends. We just want to be left the hell alone so we can drink ourselves into a stupor. Mindless chatter with eligibles takes precious seconds away from vodka/soda time.

I want to see these guys work some magic up in a Paint Your Own Pottery store. Women looooove to talk while they paint things. Why do you think so many high school kids get pregnant in art class? It's not a coincidence.


  1. Something just occurred to me when I "accidentally" watched an episode of this show today. Everyone in the bars they use must have signed waivers because their faces aren't blurred out. So not only is this show hideous it's also b*llsh*t.

  2. That's a good point. But you're an attorney... does the "standing-in doctrine" apply here?


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