Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Real Housewives of Atlanta - Dream a Little Nightmare


There are plenty of dishes commonly served at a "sunset barbecue", as DeShawn insists on calling a regular old BBQ. You know... potato salad, ribs, coleslaw, hot dogs. But when explaining why she will not be attending this particular shin-dig, Kim has to go and talk about chicken.

She's already pushed it, when asking the dermatologist about why "their" skin ages so well. But she played the chicken card, and leaving out the word "fried" doesn't make her not-so-latent racism any more palatable. I hope your new buds recognize this as a friendship of Housewives convenience and dump your sorry ass, Weave Head.

And while Kim is at her mandatory sensitivity training session, Lisa Wu Hartwell will hopefully be at the Y, improving on her front crawl. I understand that she didn't want to mess with her make-up, but if the producers insist on setting up a fake sensual swimming scene, she could at least pretend to have proper form. There's nothing sexy about the dog paddle.

But back to Kim. I hope she enjoys her romantic weekend getaway with Big Poppa/Papa at the Quality Inn off Interstate 85. 'Cause girlfriend is in for a world of hurt when black Atlanta finally sees this episode. Fingers crossed.


  1. It may sound crazy after all the stupid things she's done, but I don't know if Weave Head should be kicked out. She represents such a contrast to the rest of the group and the mysteries in her life are so intriguing. Can't you not wait to see who Big Balla 69, I mean Big Poppa, is all about?

  2. http://www.tmz.com/videos?autoplay=true&mediaKey=5bf646e1-1da0-42c8-9d9f-2760efedb329


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