Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Hills - Back to New York

I feel like I've been in Whitney's situation before, except instead of a male model and a sessy musician, it's been between puka-shell backwards visor man and a 5'4" Steve from Sex and the City wanna-be.

Your friends tried to hook you up with the short guy, because, duh, you're short and apparently can only be attracted to short guys. He's nice and all, but a fashion-forward fellow with a puffy vest is more appealing to you that evening. For some reason, you feel like you owe something to the short guy, so your guilt gets the best of you and you let puffy vest/puka shell/backwards visor go off into the night.

Whitney thinks guilt is a stupid, man-made emotion, so she leaves with the hot musician while the male model sulks. The male model believes that Whitney owes him something, because Kelly Cutrone tried to set them up. Whitney is too smart to fall for that shit. I just hope boss lady doesn't get on Whitters case for dissing the dude she hand-picked for her.

Port in 2012!

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