Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Real Worl/Road Rules Challenge - The Island Reunion

Unorganized thoughts on the cheap Survivor knock-off reunion.

Ev is a total babe! It's amazing what a hot shower and an absent black visor can do to improve one's appearance. Wonder if the high ponytail/visor look was a strategy to keep the possibility of romance from distracting her from the task at hand.

When did Kelly-Anne become so, uh... street? "Fuck y'all! Fuck y'all!"

This new host is hot. He needs to learn, however, that a word like misogyny is waaaay above the heads of these people.

I love that Paula called Johnny a "weirdo". Of all the horrible names you could call him, that probably hurts the worst. He's always considered himself a normal white suburban douche.

Oh Jen... those aren't mosquito bites that itch. Let's just say that the Panamanian jungle isn't the only forest that hosts crabs.

Best line of the show: "I f*#k my friends all the time" (yes, I'm that big of a prude that I only spell out the F word when it's not used in its literal sense). This was Kelly Anne's sarcastic response when Johanna claimed her and Kenny are just friends.


  1. When did Kelly Anne become Anna Nicole? Was she this drugged out the whole show?

    And yes he's hot but I hate that new host, he seems afraid of the cast when they get loud and it's awkward and weird.

  2. Haha, I couldn't handle watching more than a few minutes of this show.

  3. I only caught the first few minutes of the Reunion but Ev is hot! I got that funny feeling in my pants in the same way I did when Portia de Rossi guest starred on Nip/Tuck. You know you don't have a chance, but it gives you a halfer anyway.

    Oh, and Carlos from MTV Tr3s is a huge improvement over that Lindsay chick. It a little sad when you watch MTV Tr3s, though, because he is literally the ONLY VJ. No joke. He hosts every single show on the channel.


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