Thursday, November 6, 2008

Real Housewives of Atlanta - Out of Tune

Ok. I believe that Kim is 29 now. And why? Because she is the most immature woman to ever star in a Housewives series.

Showing off side-boob when the sun is still out. Drinking wine in a convertible WHILE THE KEYS ARE IN THE IGNITION. Smoking like a fiend while preparing to record an album. Hanging up the phone on a friend. Responding angrily to constructive criticism (although I question how constructive Miss Jan's criticism actually was, because nothing will save that horrible, horrible voice).

But for some reason, the thing that infuriated me the most was her reaction to the guacomole. It was like watching a five year-old try it for the first time. Have you never been to a Mexican restaurant before? I understand why people may have some trepidation about eating sushi, because it's raw fish and all, but freakin' avocados? They even serve that shit at Taco Bell! How can you refer to yourself as "classy" when you call guac "this green garbage"?

I'm not a hater. I always come to the housewives' defense when people knock them for drinking and having a good time. But Kim is another breed entirely. What Big Poppa sees in this joke of a woman is beyond me.

And take that stupid white top hat off.


  1. Way to call her out. She's an idiot. LOVED the reference to the white top hat. What the hell?

  2. That whole episode was uncomfortable. did you know Anderson Cooper knows who Nene is? There's a great youtube video of Anderson talking to Ellen about the show.

  3. And let's not forget...
    “What is two plus two? I said four. How do you spell cat? I said ‘K-A-T.’”

    Perhaps she should work on her spelling before she picks up a singing career.

  4. Kim is the dumbest woman I have seen ontv since Jesscia Simpson. What about when she had her hissy fit about her daughters cake and she had no clue what fondant was and started making faces like she was five. She is very immature and she once made a comment about having a nursing degree. Yeah right she does not seem smart enough for one. I cant see her as a nurse and when she sang I had to mute the tv because it sounded like nails down a chalk board.I like the show but Kim is hard to watch and even harder to hear when she sings.


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