Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Hills - Heidi Walks Spanish

I cannot believe Brent fired Heidi. What kind of boss lets a punctual, sober, modest employee like that go?

Somewhere, Elodie Otto is typing up her resume in Microsoft Word to get the job that was rightfully hers back. Elodie, when you get rehired at Bolthouse, I want you to plan the best party young Hollywood has ever seen at Les Deux. And I would like to be included on the guest list. And so would my parents. Thanks.

The silver lining to Heidi's firing is now employees the world over know how NOT to act. Her gainful employment was setting a horrible example; if she was all you knew of the working world, you'd think leaving business meetings to go cavort with your tow-headed BF was perfectly acceptable, and that downing tequila while on the clock is the norm. Take heed, youth of America. Even a perfect plastic face and locks of Jonathan Antin-spun gold can't save an overall sucky person in the workplace. And I use the term "workplace" loosely to describe Bolthouse.

I'm skeptical about Heidi's firing from Bolthouse. Her actions on Monday's episode didn't seem to be any more or less irresponsible than all of her previous missteps. Maybe its just the sheer amounts of incidents that warranted her firing, or a directive from Sam himself. Regardless, I remain skeptical because I always imagined that MTV had arranged the job at Bolthouse for Heidi. MTV is clearly in with the Maloofs when it comes to promoting the Palms and their other Vegas properties, so I figured they had a similar arrangement with Bolthouse.

I know this is horrible to admit, but I took a little pleasure in watching Heidi get fired. In "The Hills" time, she got fired the night before her candidate of choice got trounced at the polls. It was an all-around bad week for Heidi Montag. Plus, it was especially enjoyable to watch her firing knowing full well that Spencer had indirectly caused her pain. That smug bastard has zero regard for her or her individuality. This job was the only really thing she had going for her after he cost her friends, family, etc. He had sought to sabotage her job from the beginning, though. What kind of douche shows up to his girlfriend's work when expressed asked not to? What kind of douche follows his girlfriend to Vegas and confronts her when she is at dinner with her bosses? What kind of douche gets his girlfriend to drink at a work function? When will Heidi wake up to the fact that Spencer does not have her best interests at heart?

Just think, though, Heidi. You have all of this free time now due to your unemployment, so you can get an early jump on campaigning for "Palin in 2012"!

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