Monday, November 3, 2008

Rock of Love Charm School - The Trashion Show

Rodeo admitted that she needs money. And from the tone of her weepy, whiney voice, she needs it badly. I thought she was sitting on a gold mine when she announced her line of organic BBQ sauces at the Rock of Love reunion, but it appears they haven't been much of a hit at Ralph's Fresh Fare.

I'm not sure if we can blame the failure of her product on the economy, or if it's because we all know each batch has been infused with her endless tears. Those salty drops might taste good in marina sauce, but I can say with confidence that they add nothing to a slab of St. Louis-style.

Sharon Osbourne lit into Lacey and Megan, and it was awesome. When "The Osbournes" was on the air, my mother said that she fancied herself a Sharon Obsbourne kind of mama. If that were true, I would have done everything she ever told me, including her request that I hover, not sit, on public toilet seats . Sharon is completely terrifying, and managed to whip the two biggest beyotches to ever hump Bret Michaels into complete submission.

Rodeo got the boot, and, of course, cried. It's hard for me to continue watching this series, because all I really want is for that drunk girl Courtney to come back on the show. The scene with her silently falling over in her chair warrants an Emmy nomination.

Whoa, I just realized I'm a week late on my episodes. I'll do my best to cover last night's, but that's a lot of trashiness for one day.

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