Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Real World: Explosion Recap, Episode 11 - "It's Go Go Time"

Jenny Delich.

Jenny auditions to be a go go dancer at Infusion...

MRS. GO GO BOSS LADY - Let's see what you can do.

JENNY - **does a slutty version of pattycake** Well, what do you think?

MRS. GO GO BOSS LADY - - You're a San Francisco 5, but the exposure your television program can give us bumps you up to a San Francisco 5.2, which is our minimum. Welcome aboard. 

JENNY - Hell yeah. **takes ferocious bite of meatball sub**

MRS. GO GO BOSS LADY - Keep eating those, and you'll be a San Francisco 2.

HOMELESS WOMAN OBSERVING -  I've been told I'm a San Francisco 3.

JENNY - **throws sub in garbage**

Back at the house... 

JENNY - I've found a way to avoid the inevitable foreclosure going on a reality show with a low budget was sure to cause.

BRIAN - Sandwich Artist?

JENNY - No, stupid. Go go dancer.

BRIAN - I am uncomfortable with you dancing within an establishment for profit.

JENNY - You want to pay my mortgage?

BRIAN - Let's find you a flattering pair of fishnets.

Arielle directs her full-length feature film...

ARIELLE - **sits in directors chair with bullhorn** Cut! Cut! And we're rolling! And scene! That's a wrap!

SEMI-PROFESSIONAL FILM WORKER - Uh, I thought I should tell you that nobody in the film business has used those terms since 1929.

ARIELLE - Who's the director of this $500 slasher flick filmed at a rented room at the Y, huh? Who?


ARIELLE - Ma'am was my mother. Now fetch me a meal from craft services.

SEMI-PROFESSIONAL FILM WORKER - **hands her two Combos from his pocket** This is all I got.

ARIELLE - Ugh. **throws Combos, they stick in fake blood made of ketchup**

In the kitchen...

BRIAN - The way you were doing a slutty version of the sprinkler on stage was disgraceful.

JENNY - I'm not going to engage with you.

JAY -  Leave her alone, bro.

BRIAN - You guys need to understand. I invested my spirit within her medulla oblongata, with which she has toyed and manipulated in a cunning manner.

CORY - Huh?

THOMAS - I second that Huh. 

BRIAN - None of you would last a day in Kansas City, bastion of thought and culture.

At the winery...

THOMAS - Fuck fuck fuckity fuckity foo!

JENNY - Maybe you should adjust your language to fit the setting.

THOMAS - How is this any different from a club? ELITIST!

JAMIE -  Or perhaps just erase the word "fuckity" from your vocabulary.

THOMAS - Don't tell me what to do!  **passes out** 

JENNY - Crisp and intoxicating rosé, Miss. **tips her hat**

At the club...

BIANCA RANDO - **to Cory** C'mere!

CORY -  I don't think so. All you really want is the cameras!  

BIANCA RANDO - **to Brian** C'mere!

BRIAN - Ok. **they make out**

CORY - **in the car**You're so pathetic! Bianca wanted ME first.

BRIAN - True. But once she talked to me she decided she liked me.

CORY - I slammed your girl after two days!

BRIAN - I told you I'm ok with that. I've learned to move on.

CORY - You're dumb and have weird pecs!

BRIAN -You're entitled to your opinion.

CORY - What did you say to me?

THOMAS - Shh, calm down. You're 100% right, though. Reasonable and correct.

BRIAN -  Frankly, you're letting the child within you escape and effect your behavior, but it happens to the best of us.

CORY -  Aw hale naw! **attacks him**

To be continued...

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