Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Flipping Out

If this this week's episode was really manipulated by the producers to smear Brad and Sean'a Sherwood, as Sean'a claims in the comments section, then please envision what follows as only a commentary on the edited footage Bravo presents as reality. I'm sure Brad and Sean'a are lovely people, so let's think of them as "characters" for the next paragraph or so.

Brad Sherwood. What a complete douchebag. I suspected the pajama party was a lame attempt to seem "nutty" and "irreverent." Aaaaand I was right. This guy is nutty, for sure, but not in the way he thinks he is. At least Shauna laughed nervously when Brad brought out his tray of goodies for Jeff. I could tell she was horrified on the inside. Girl, life on the pole has got to be better than having to endure "delight" with Brad. He probably assembles a diorama demonstrating what she did wrong during coitus to present to her afterwards.

When Jeff Lewis thinks you're more Type A than he is, it's time for some serious introspection.


  1. Brad was tots creepy! He really made Jeff Lewis seem normal, and in no way affected greatly by OCD. This episode gave me an idea. If I keep a friend around that is even more OCD than me, then I will appear rather normal. Now I just have to find someone more afflicted than me.

  2. It seems to me that Jeff and the show is always one-sided. They never just let a scene run. They always interrupt every moment with Jeff and Jenni commentaries. Jeff’s mistakes are all his own. Every time that the Sherwoods mentioned something (that they had hired Jeff for) Jeff got upset that they wanted it done right. Seana was right to say to Jeff, “Looks like you met your match”! I see just how transparent Jeff is.

    As for anyone who says The Sherwood’s just wanted 15minutes. Forget it. Brad Sherwood is a very successful improviser, and has apparently done well for himself. The Skytop property Jeff speaks of is now on the market for 3.5 million. (Google it for yourself) And apparently they own another home in Hollywood, in the Millions as well. Doesn’t look to me, that they hired Jeff to be on his show, or any money issue. It looks like they hired what Jeff has been portraying himself to be on TV, an excellent house designer. Looks like Jeff lost out on a great business deal with them because he got in his own way and couldn’t handle the Sherwood’s simple needs. Jeff is a talented man; I’ll give him that. But Stop sabotaging yourself Jeff!

  3. A dose of reality….

    Facts don't cease to exist just because they are ignored, or altered to suit the story line that Jeff, or the producers, want to create for the episode. Editing is a magical journey. Its all in fun and games. However, its at the cost of us and then you (the viewers) that get sucked in and hooked and say things about people based on "feelings" not facts.

    They edit everything on that show to inflame/shock/disgust the viewer. It has worked for you.

    The show, and Jeff, got one over on us. We didn't think it was possible to dump "shit" in our happy home...we were wrong.

    Sadly, they LIE about real people and benefit from the misfortune. It's reckless and mean-spirited. And all we wanted was to hire “Jeff Lewis” for a remodel. UUGGHH.

    Bradley (my husband) has worked really really hard in Hollywood to make a funny, talented, respectable, name for himself. For Jenni, Jeff, or the show, to shit on Brad the way they have is shameful. Can you even imagine working this hard in comedy (25 years) to now have some “show” try and make you look like a fricking anal-retentive jerk because of ½ truths, a LIE of a realty show, and a Jeff Lewis Lie Blog! It’s so hurtful. We are truly baffled.

    How can Jeff and Jenni want to demonize real people (that have been nothing but sweet to him) and benefit from the misfortune? It's reckless and mean-spirited.

    The commentaries that Jeff, and Jenni say “after the fact” are NOT how they treat you to your face. All giggles and smiles, and then, shit on you. Its like we dated evil.

    Jeff and Jenni, pile on in the interview section, embellishing falsely in the most negative light And Jeff, piles on again in his blogs, where he keeps the “reality show lie” alive, and throws us (everyone) further under the bus.

    There is no extra money or TV ratings to be made by continuing to blog falsely about our character as people. It is just mean.

    Just because the show lies, or shapes the ‘reality’ of the situation, doesn’t mean Jeff , or Jenni, needs to continue to strengthen that false reality by throwing more gas on an artificial “reality show” fire.

    Is this really the legacy that Jenni and Jeff want to leave? Smearing the reputations of people who did nothing but hire them to remodel a home?

    I have asked Jeff and Jenni all of these questions… both of them have not called us back. Silence is so telling.

    Heart breaking reality. A lesson we ALL did not need, or earn.

    Just thought you all would want to know.

    Please respect the fact that we are giving it our all to stand in “truth” and contact you (and a few others)... as we respect your right to
    stand in whatever position you must. However, we are asking for you to rise with us “because” of your understanding as a writer, that
    “the written word has power and influence.”

    Please use your power to take back your influence.

    We wish you the best

    Healing… Peace!

  4. Go sean'a!

    Killed me to see how they portrayed both of you.. But the additional vitriol that Jeff keeps spilling on his blog is pretty disgusting, haven't read it but heard. Not a big surprise as he really looks like the typical self serving Hollywood personality.

    I have really begun to hate this type of show. Partially scripted/outlined just makes it seem so contrived and when drama does arise it feels so fake.


  5. I don't care about Brad's million dollar homes... I just want to know how the show edited a garbage flower. Now that... is talent.

  6. Everything is not as it appears.

    The electrical wire flower Brad made was so funny. It was a joke. Seriously?

    Brad, being in comedy, it was his way of being silly and kind to Jeff during a very disappointing moment that Jeff had still not rectified with his workers. Jeff was pissed off that they had (yet again for the third time) left hazardous stuff for our new rescue puppy to chock on. The flower was the kindest way of saying, “Jeff, we didn’t hire you to have your workers leave trash on and around our property”. It was funny, and silly, and we all had a grand laugh, and NOW the show made it look passive aggressive.

    Editing…yes it is talent indeed.

    That moment in our kitchen was a two-hour moment, now chopped into what, 3 minutes?

    The show is a lie. Sorry you are trapped in it. We also were big fans of Jeff’s, hence us hiring him, and trusting him with our home and friendship. The man is a monster! Jenni is a puppet. Life is to short to work with Jeff Lewis!!!

    "From the outside looking in, you could never understand it, from the inside looking out, we could never explain it."


  7. Thanks for your support sb.


  8. The PJ Taco Tuesday was something we do with all our friends.
    We invited Jeff & Jennie over because they were our friends (at the time) so we thought! Just so happened that Jeff later asked if he could bring the cameras. It was a fun silly night that was filled with laughter and stories and friends getting to know each other. We did not feel it necessary to hide or censer our “life” just because cameras were in our home. We are an open book, with nothing to hide. The show has just torn out a few 100 pages and added interesting drama for you all.

    As for “life on a pole”. I think your missing the part about me having to pay a huge Cancer Chemotherapy bill. I was just trying to get by, not making the best life choices. Something I’m not proud of, but I sure don’t have anything to hide.

    We are not "characters"…we are real people. With real feelings, and this was a very mean hurtful thing that Jeff and Jenni did to us. Why stand with them?

    I have never come across two more evil people in my life. The “song & dance” they gave us (to get us on the show) is scary, horrifying! We told them we did not want to be on the show, and they worked one over on us. Telling Brad things like, “they needed his “comedy relief”!!! WHAT!

    I’m a two-time ovarian cancer survivor. My father killed himself when I was 14. I washed his brains off a wall. I worked at the suicide prevention hotline center for 7 years. I have held many family and friends in my arms as they left our world….My point…I do not understand why Jeff causes such pain in peoples lives, and people support it. We have all already been through so much in life, to have to deal with this monster of a person.


  9. Sean''ve been through cancer & WASHING YOUR FATHER'S BRAINS OFF A WALL (your words, not mine!!) and you're seriously getting your panties in a bunch over THIS? Seriously? Perhaps you have been living in your rich lady plastic bubble for too long to forget what real troubles feel like (because it does seem that you have had some real troubles in the past!).

    Brad *is* anal retentive. He freely admits it. He arranges his clothing by color. My husband can barely find our closet when its time to put away laundry. You BRAGGED on the show about being OCD! It's only now we're getting the 180.

    I mean, ok, yeah - editing sucks - they're going to do what's best FOR THE SHOW - not what's best for you. You say that Brad has been in the biz for 25 years. How does he not know that? If you wanted to be kept away from editing, then (free advice) DON'T GO ON A REALITY SHOW where all they do is edit for controversy & embarrassment! JEFF is edited to look like a douchebag & its his freaking show!!!

    I mean, you two are not country bumpkins who just fell off the turnip truck & got taken advantage of by big, mean Mr. Television Personality. You know the business. I just don't think you two know just HOW kooky you actually are. I think THAT'S what surprised you. And then Jeff & Jenni's (frankly hilarious) comments were totally embarrassing and now you are upset.

    But really. Really? You are acting like this Evil Show was created for the Single Purpose of Making The Sherwoods Look Like Douchebags. And honestly? I bet they were hoping that Brad would be funny (he wasn't) and that would be the schtick. And then you two were so freakin' nutty it was like a special gift from the comedy gods! Taco Tuesday + former stripper married to her customer + AFTERNOON DELIGHT!! + anal retentive + OCD + passive aggressive + wire flower = Reality Show Gold!

    So - RELAX!!! Brad's fans will still love him. The people who truly matter in your life know who you two really are. You obviously have tons of money & free time (joke!) - you have a beautiful house & lovely pets & a happy marriage - this is not a time for "POOR YOU" - in this day and age especially - you are very lucky. I was frankly the most pissed off hearing you complain about how your gardener had found that the power was cut to your sprinkler system or whatever...I mean, a lot of my beloved co-workers have lost their jobs and you are boo-hooing over being made a fool of on a reality show and your sprinklers? Get over it. Realize you are a LUCKY GIRL. And Let. It. Go.

    Much Love,


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