Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The City - Good Things Come in Threes

Jay and Whitney are official, and what makes this union super-cute is the fact that both of them have only had three serious relationships before this one. Awwww.

Rather than appreciating the romantic undertones of the two of them only having habitual sex with three other people before settling on each other, I was all "Really? That's it? I've had more serious relationships than both of these losers."

Then I remembered that they're impossibly good looking people who likely date other impossibly good looking people, and there's no incentive for them to form long-term attachments to the hotties they date. There's another impossibly good looking person to spend a week or two with at the next Pink Berry or Starbucks. Official relationships are for us ugly folk.

Not only does Whit have a new bf, but she's also got a new bff. Diane Von Furstenberg was all up in her grill on this episode, much to Olivia's chagrin. Next thing you know, DVF will ditch her signature wrap dress designs in favor of friendship bracelets with pics of her and Whitney hand-in-hand woven into them. And you know what? I'd totally buy one.

I'm aching for some Hills type drama on this show, but I'm not sure if we're invested enough in the characters yet. Was there any dramz on the first season of The Hills? At the end of the season, Lauren ditched her internship in Paris to spend the summer in Malibu with Baller Wahler, but that's about it as I recall. So if MTV renews this snooze fest, the backstabbing and plastic surgery-getting likely won't start until Season 2.

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