Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Real Housewives of Orange County- Another Newbie to Haze

Shocker! Tamra has enough self-awareness to realize that her despicable treatment of Gretchen "Ladies, hold on to your daddies!" Rossi on their limo ride to Beverly Hills (what a thrill!) was wrong. I walked away from this episode with a new found appreciation for Gretchen. She may be a gold digger, or maybe she isn't, but I'm thinking she is the most 'real' woman in this bunch. She is only 30 years old and she owns her own home in Ladera Ranch. That is no small feat in Orange County. She takes care of a man whom she has dated for less than a year, despite not being married to him. It doesn't sound like she actually stands to gain in the event of his death.

She might just be that rare altruistic person who isn't doing something for personal gain. Then there are the rest of the ladies.....

Let's start with new housewife, Lynne. Her obsession for youth apparently equates to a boatload of plastic surgery, and the desire to want to be "friends" with her teenage daughters. Trying to be friends, and not parents, to your children is a horrible mistake. This is especially true if the 'adult' in the situation is a shallow, vain individual. What chance do you give your children of ever being anything other than shallow and vain? Good thing her daughters are trying to prove her wrong by whining about the scope of their birthday party. When I was a kid, we got orange drink, a birthday cake and a visit from Ronald at the local McDonald's. I'm pretty sure that we were poor, though.

Lynne's daughters complaining about her lack of birthday splendor really pails in comparision to Breanna's near breakdown at the prospect of Vicki selling the lake house and getting a yacht. Don't you hate when your parents want to buy and store a yacht 20 minutes from home? Breanna sees the complete disintegration of their family unit if this plan moves forward. She hasn't even seen the conversation about the 'love tank' yet, so this conversation seems a little prophetic. She must be picking up on Donn's misery.

Breanna did hit close to home when discussing her relationship with Donn and her own reservations about relationships due to the lack of a father figure. Apparently, Colby fills up Breanna's 'love tank', but she faces a nagging feeling that there exists the possibility that Colby may abandon her, too. Vicki reminds her that there are no certainties in life, which is an important life lesson. Well played, Vicki. Why couldn't you show the same compassion for Gretchen?

Was I the only one appalled when Vicki was so off put by Tamra and Jeana checking to make sure that Gretchen and Jeff were fine? Did I actually see Vicki simulate the jerk off motion? Someone get this woman a publicist, and fast! Not since a certain bashing of anti-depressant actresses on the "Today" show have I witnessed such a foot in mouth moment. You're talking about someone caring for a sick loved one.......

Before I run out of space, I'll make a few more quick observations:

-Kara really is a Republican. Only a Republican would think they need a gun in Berkeley. As my roommate put it, "what are they going to do? Beat you to death with their Birkenstocks? Choke you with their hemp necklace?"
-Ryan isn't fooling anyone by growing his hair higher. We can all see its thinning, and his hairline is receding. I'm not making fun, just sympathizing....
-Ryan needs to find somewhere else to hang out then Henessey's in Laguna Beach. That place sucks.
-Jeana really does need to cut out the crap and divorce Matt's sorry ass.
-Hearing Kara use the clinical term 'vagina' almost put me off 'vagina' for good.

Next week, we get to see what is more than likely the final trip to Vicki's house in Lake Havasu. Are you hoping for a catfight between Vicki and former tenant/fabulous homosexual Frankie as much as I am?


  1. Sure, Gretchen doting on Jeff would be sweet... if he was her Dad or uncle. C'mon now, RJ. There is no way in hell this is pure altruism. Altruism is when you do good things WITHOUT expecting something in return.

    And about her owning her own home... She's been married before. So it's likely it's the house that her and her husband purchased together.

    How did you feel about Vicki and Jeana's argument about Vicki's ex-husband? I think Jeana was a tad out of line. The ex could have moved to Cali if he really wanted to be with his children. They have construction companies in the OC, too, you know.

  2. I don't understand why people find it so hard to believe that Gretchen really loves Jeff, and not for the money. It happens every day. You meet someone that isn't necessarily your type but you get to know them and love happens.
    I also think that Vicki needs to get a grip. She bullies everyone to do what she wants. She tries to run everyone elses life. Back off, Vicki.


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