Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rock of Love Charm School - Fugly Dating

I nominate Lacey Conner for Worst Person on Earth. If you watch this show, you know why. She fills me with more rage than one should feel for someone on a VH1 spin-off reality show.

While Mystery gives the guys on The Pick-Up Artist makeovers to make them more appealing to women, Sharon Osbourne gives the women on Charm School serious make-unders so that they'll use their personalities to pick up dudes. We're talkin' hairy moles, unibrows, and fat suits.

I think this experiment just proves that Charm School shouldn't exist, because the men seemed enchanted with the girls, even in their hideous costumes. Besides Lacey and Kristi Jo, they're all pretty cool chicks. What they lack in "class" (a word which I've already expressed my disdain for), they make up for with humor, kindness, and interesting fashion sense. Brandi C. managed to attract an investment banker while wearing a Joyce DeWitt wig and a nose prosthesis. They even made out! That's got to be some sort of testament to her winning personality.

However, there's a good chance that the investment banker has seen Rock of Love and knows that Brandi C. is actually pretty cute. So everything I just said could be total BS.

And I forgot about the whole spitting-in-Destiney's-face thing. So what I said about Brandi C.'s personality is definitely BS. I really should outline these summaries before I post them.

Anyway, I think Ricki Rachtman has the hots for Brandi C. Don't do it, girlfriend. Don't do it.

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