Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel

If you haven't seen this new masterpiece on TruTV (formerly CourtTV), I highly suggest you check it out. The premise: follow the staff of the poolside Rehab at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas as they deal with guests' demands and the ensuing problems. Its sort of like "Airline" on A&E, for those who remember the show, except people are more drunk and less clothed.

A few highlights from this week's episode:
-a group of guys is "hustled" by Rehab's "coordinator"- a guy who exists solely to wrangle up drunk, horny women for drunk, horny tourist men. The problem: drunk, horny women stole this group of guys' alcohol and this was not a group of guys you want to go pissing off. One of the guys threatens to "bury the coordinator in the desert". It sounded much more like a real threat than an idle threat. Where would one possibly find desert around Vegas though?
-a 23 year old woman, probably on ecstasy, passes out and her friend refuses to give her ID or personal information over to the hotel security staff or paramedics because she presumably doesn't want to get in trouble. Once her unconcious friend is carted off to the emergency room, though, she goes back to the pool and resumes partying.
-the fiance of Rehab's manager gets toasted celebrating her birthday at Rehab. This would be great if she was in any way an attractive human being. It was like being witness to Robin getting drunk on "RW/RR Challenge: the Island". Yikes!
-one group fails to pay their tab because they are either extreme idiots or just looking for trouble. There is a $200 food and drink minimum to get into Rehab. This group seems to believe that $200 is a one-time fee to pay for their food and drinks for the day. Anyone who has ever drank poolside in Vegas will know that $200 gets you about a 12 pack. Of canned beer. Or those shitty aluminum bottles that never stay cold. They were surprised to hear that their tab was $535.

My personal favorite, though, was watching "Rookie Cocktail Waitress" Julie try to keep her biggest party of the day from leaving. The guy with the credit card was the first guy to puke. When hotel security asks him to leave, Julie has to ask one of the other guys in the party to put up his credit card so they can keep drinking.

Yes, that is what we need in Vegas, more drinking! Talk about bringing sand to the beach.

I know that Rehab has great potential because I've been poolside in Vegas enough to know that it can be sheer enjoyment watching the bottom feeders of society (i.e. people from New Jersey) get hammered in 115 degree dry heat. The skin gets burned, the brain cells diminish, the accents get thicker and mayhem ensues.

I'll definitely be tuning in next week.

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  1. I've never been to Rehab, but I always pictured a bunch of Jersey meatheads with asian character tattoos. This show confirmed that this is indeed the demographic.

    The clip from The Soup, when the drunk guy got kicked out but his girlfriend kept partying with random dudes, was awesome. "Christina! Christina! Oh god!"


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