Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Reunion

This reunion was dramz to the max. None of the dramz, however, quite compared with the Great Wig Debate of '08.

Anyone who's watched the show knows that Kim wears some kind of hairpiece. It's not a particularly good hairpiece, and while I'm not one to mock people for things that are beyond their control, I've always wondered why someone who never hesitates to flaunt "her" money wouldn't invest in a more convincing wig.

I realize the show is set in the Atlanta, and big blond hair in the South seems to be the equivalent of having a college degree in the North (ZING!). And while looking like a pre-K pageant queen might have been Kim's lifelong dream (she says earlier in the season that she was ugly in grammar school because she had dark hair), I don't see how she could be so delusional to think that the entire Bravo viewership wouldn't immediately recognize her amber waves as a really, really bad wig.

Ok, so the fugly wig and her attempt to play it off as real hair is bad enough.

But on the reunion, Kim tries to explain why she wears the wig, and it went horribly wrong.

I have no doubt that for the past few years, she's been wearing that thing with pride. After the show aired, however, she no doubt read the mocking blog posts and decided to craft an excuse. She tells Andy that she was once sick. She thought she had cancer, but the test came back negative.

So... she thought she had cancer, but didn't. I'm sure she figured that would be the end of it. Andy kept pushing her, though, and made her reiterate again that she never really had cancer.

If she didn't have cancer, she didn't have chemo, and, therefore, did not lose all of her hair. How the hell does this explain anything? Instead of rocking the animal carcass, she inadvertently admitted her embarrassment over the damn thing, and ended up embarrassing herself even more.

Nice try. Props to NeNe and Lisa for calling her out on this bogus story.

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