Thursday, October 16, 2008

Real World/Road Rules Challenge - The Island

Isn't it amazing how much people can grow and change in only a few months away from the gaze of MTV's cameras? Derrick has gotten so wasted in the past that the producers created a double-vision view so we at home could experience his extreme intoxication with him. Colie drunkenly schtupped nine or ten men in Denver, including an old Aussie bloke, her not-for-profit boss, and a roomie.

But now that they're on The Island, they're sooooooo mature. Both criticize Robin and Dan's drinking, and Colie even called them alcoholics. As the old saying goes, that's the Monica Lewinsky calling the kettle black. Or whatever.

Self-righteous punks. Appearing on another RR/RW Challenge does not a responsible adult make.

Robin and Dan might put 'em back, but they're providing a valued service - entertainment. It's great that you impregnated your wife, Derrick, which is an enormous accomplishment and deserves all the praise in the world. But Robin called out Dan on his limp peen in front of everybody. Impotence is simply more tv-worthy than virility. You're boring now. Stop clucking your tongues and go home.

Cohutta "Purdy Mouth" Lee was sent back to the Georgia wilderness this week, and his ol' Sydney buddy Dunbar didn't hesitate to drive another nail in the coffin during the voting process. I second RJ's motion to eat Dunbar. Even though I'm not on the island and have a full fridge, I wouldn't hesitate to feast on a Dun-Drumstick. Let's make it happen.

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  1. Let's just put it this way... these people are going no where. I mean, Derrick was handing out Twix in the lobby of my freshman dorm. So...yeah.


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