Friday, May 6, 2011

Real Housewives of New York Episode 5 - "Following Pecking Orders"

Sonja, who is drunk all of the time, schools Cindy on etiquette. photo

CINDY BARSHOP - Thanks for having me over for tea. Pinky up?

SONJA MORGAN - Are you nuts? Nobody on the Upper East Side has done Pinky Up since 1997.

CINDY BARSHOP - Oh... sorry. Hey! Your Sex Boy looks like he might be a good dancer. Does he Dougie?

SONJA MORGAN - All that hot wax must have floated up your blood stream to your head. One does not dance with one's help in another one's house during one's tea time.

CINDY BARSHOP - There's a specific rule about that?

SONJA MORGAN - You obviously haven't read "Class with the Countess. Now Brush your bangs out of your eyes. Nobody in uptown society has straight-down bangs. It prevents eye-rolling.

CINDY BARSHOP -Sorry. Well, I was hoping we could talk about Pinot Grigio Gate.

SONJA MORGAN - Excuse me, I'll lead the conversation. I've been in high society since you started trying to invitro-fertilize yourself.

CINDY BARSHOP - You know what? You're being quite rude. I could be having sex with my brother right now, but I came here to talk to you.

SONJA MORGAN - Ugh, so low class. It's time for you to leave now.  I've got to be at a Slutty Baseball pictorial in a half-hour, and then I'm going to cook food in a toaster oven.

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