Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Real World Las Vegas Episode 6 - "Sexiles/Exiles"

True love waits... three months after one of you gets kicked off of a reality show for breaking shit. Photo -

Before a trip to Vanity Night Club, which is apparently the only club in Las Vegas...

MIKE MIKE - Let's make a bet. First one to get a girl to write a Haiku on their genitals, wins.

LEROY - Who the fuck brings a pen to the club? It's 2011.

MIKE MIKE - Meth heads from Virginia.

LEROY - Cool. "I once knew a man from Nantucket..."

MIKE MIKE - That's a limerick, dude.

LEROY - FUCK! **smashes a glass on the floor, and then cleans it up**

Outside Vanity Night Club...

RANDY, VANITY NIGHT CLUB MANAGER - You can't come in here.

ADAM ROYER - Why? Cuz I broke a bottle of Grey Goose over the busboy's head? It was just a busboy. It's not like it was a real person.

RANDY - No. It's because you're wearing nothing but a towel.

ADAM - It's Halloween.

RANDY - Costumes are supposed to cost money.

ADAM - Not in Maine.

RANDY - Oh, you're from Maine? Then you're doubly not allowed in this club.

ADAM - But you let in Dustin, who isn't even dressed as Lil' Jon but keeps saying Lil' Jon catch phrases.

RANDY - Yeah, well.... he sucked my dick.

ADAM - Ah, ok. See you in the men's room in ten.

At the Hard Rock suite...

SECURITY - "Dear Adam, please leave this hotel. Love, Security."

ADAM - Why are you reading this off a piece of paper?

SECURITY  - I just get so nervous...

ADAM - It's ok, take a deep breath.

SECURITY - **deep breath** Ok... you can do this, Horace. You can do this.  Ahem. "Do you agree to leave right now?"

ADAM - Yes.

SECURITY - Phew.  I was worried you'd pitch a fit, and I'd have to act all security-like.

NANY - **flinging herself dramatically on the ground** NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!  WHY HIM? WHY HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIM?

SECURITY - Uh, because he's the one that broke three grand worth of Ikea shit.

NANY - **chains herself to to the bathroom sink** I'm going on a hunger strike until I get to see Adam again!

ADAM - I'm staying at Caesar's. It's a five minute cab ride.

NANY - Oh. Anybody got the keys to these handcuffs?

ADAM - Nope.


NANY - Huh. Gandhi pulled off this hunger strike thing a lot better.

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