Monday, April 11, 2011

Real Housewives of Orange County Episode 6 - "What a Difference a Year Makes"

The photo booth at Six Flags now offers a scene from Madonna's "Take a Bow" video. Photo - 

On a boat, in what I'm assuming is "Newport Harbor"...

DONN GUNVALSON - I'm on a boat!

VICKI GUNVALSON - Duh. That's a stupid thing to say.

DONN GUNVALSON - No, it's that song? From the curly-haired dude with the big chin from SNL?

VICKI GUNALSON - I wouldn't know. I'm always working on Saturday nights at 10:30 pm.

DONN GUNVALSON  - Yeah, about that. I'd really like to start spending more time together. I took you on this boat ride to let you know how much I love you, and that I'm willing to look past your bad skin, now and forever.

VICKI GUNVALSON - Uh huh. Can we wrap this up? I've got employees' asses to slap.

In Sevilla, Spain...

EDDIE JUDGE - So what do you think about having more kids?

TAMRA BARNEY - I think my uterus is older than Tom Bergeron.

EDDIE JUDGE - That's pretty old. Well, just know that I'm not totally opposed to birth defects, as long as it can eventually figure out a way to wipe its own ass.

TAMRA BARNEY - Considering Ryan is still working on that particular skill at the age of 23, I wouldn't hold my breath.

EDDIE JUDGE - Shit. What's the point of dating a woman if I can't even get a kid out of the deal?

TAMRA BARNEY - Sorry. I can wear a strap-on later, if you want.

EDDIE JUDGE - It's ok. I'll just ask the bellhop to meet me on the roof while you're in the shower.

At a Paso Robles Winery...

GRETCHEN ROSSI - Mom and Dad, welcome to your 40th anniversary celebration!

SCOTT ROSSI - Where's your sister and brother?

BRENDA ROSSI - And all of our friends?

SLADE SMILEY - We're all you need, you crazy kids. For the rest of your lives.

SCOTT ROSSI - Brenda, how do you feel about drowning ourselves in that pond over there?

BRENDA ROSSI - Pretty damn good. **they drown themselves to avoid spending any more time with Slade Smiley**

SLADE SMILEY - Bummer. Wanna go get massages?

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