Thursday, October 30, 2008

Real Housewives of Atlanta- the $1,000,000 Pyramid

I'm not a religious person. I didn't grow up in a religious household. Actually, that is an understatement as I can count on one hand how many times I have been to church for occassions other than weddings or funerals. So when I hear things like "Anything is possible through God" as DeShawn's justification for her belief that she will raise 1 million dollars at her fundraiser, I get a little skeptical.

It turns out that she didn't raise 1 million dollars, which is quite unfortunate as her charity uses the money to help unprivileged young girls. However, her lack of awareness about what it would take to raise this massive sum is what astonished me. Even without raising the money, and not even breaking even, we were blessed with the riches of plenty to comment on during this latest installment of RHoA.

I think whomever said the famous adage about first impressions was wrong, as I got a different peak into Sheree yesterday. I don't dislike her as much as I once did, and I think they unfairly portrayed her in the first few episodes. NeNe has revealed her true spots, and its not pretty. Kim has even noticed this mean streak in NeNe, and has shifted towards Team Sheree. Thats a pretty bold move from a woman so delusional that she still thinks she is 29.


  1. I'm still on Team NeNe.

    Sheree and Kim seemed like they wanted to make love, what with all the "you're so beautiful" mushy comments and all the "it is what it is"'s and "you have it or you don't"'s.

    Kim can't figure out why she should be loyal to NeNe... uh, how about because she's your friend?

    Kim and Sheree probably deserve each other, though. I think deep down (after three episodes) NeNe cares about people, while the other two just care about looking hot.

  2. Didn't they only raise $10k at that shindig? Lawd.


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